AGVs for Profitability

AGV's for Profitability
Industry leading suppliers of AGVs understand how AGVs can solve business requirements

AGVs VGVs LGVs for Strategic and Logistic Solutions

Profitability is the aim of any business. And, today, achieving it is harder than ever.

Simply the right approach can deliver the maximum comeback, and that’s where

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles),

VGVs (Visual Guided Vehicles) and

LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles) come in.

With an extended range of robotic vehicles, you can automate the tedious tasks – making a real impact on your company’s bottom line.

 Credit by BMW – Smart Transport Robots (STR)

Description of the STR application

Autonomous driving also plays an increasingly important role in logistics. An initial fleet of ten self-driving Smart Transport Robots (STR) is transporting components through logistic halls at the BMW plant.

What is unique?  The self-driving transport robot does not need floor-mounted induction loops for navigation, but moves freely through the logistics hall. The STR measures the distance to wireless transmitters to calculate its exact position and route.

Using sensors to identify and react to critical situations, it is able to share the route with humans and other vehicles. Powered sustainably by pre-used batteries from the BMW i3 and is able to transport containers weighing up to 500 kilograms.

The STRs are used  in everyday operations and perform transport assignments independently. In the next planning phase of development, a 3D camera system will enable even more precise navigation.

With innovative systems, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) expand your capabilities throughout the world to meet customers demands.

Further Outlook of AGV Applications

Cultivating with today’s more progressive business, AGV manufacturing facilities have operations in North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific, securing their vehicles will be built economically, extradited on time and corroborated locally.

With the brightest judgments in the business, most innovative AGV technology continues to push the boundaries of what AGVs can attain.

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AGV Planning – Solution – Investment

Industry-leading suppliers of AGV understand how AGVs can solve today’s business requirements. No AGV vehicle is extremely simple-minded and no answer is extremely complex, symbolising that you will find the perfect plan for your business – and save you funds in the process.

To approach the right partner in the field of AGVs, VGVs and LGVs, source financially secure and ripening corporate setups, signifying stability, long-term support for your company planing and financing not accessible elsewhere.

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Partner Contact: Frederick Niemann – Consultant

Frederick Niemann, professional consultant and manager of Trusted Industry Consultant LLP, shares his expertise in the field of (AGV) Automated Guided Vehicles and (LWS) Low Wind Speed Power Generator applications. Frederick's associated partners are internationally established manufacturer, system integrator, IT and IM software developer. Frederick offers his knowledge of Business Strategies and Development of East-West Business Opportunities.