Automatic Truck Loading and Unloading Systems

ANCRA Systems
Ancra Systems supplied worldwide

Who is ANCRA?

Ancra Systems specialises in designing and manufacturing of automatic truck (un)loading systems.

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Ancra Systems supplies their systems worldwide, has 20 years of experience and has realised projects in many different industries like the

– Automotive Sector,

– Post and Parcel companies,

– Air Freight terminals

– FMCG (Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods) industries

and more…


System Benefits

The highlight of using this system: the (un)loading time of a full trailer is reduced from 30 to 45 to just 2 minutes  Automatic loading and unloading systems requires a system fixed at the loading dock a system installed in the trailer and a system fixed at the unloading dock.

Ancra’s designed and tailored these systems to the client needs.

by courtesy of ANCRA

1. The electrical engineers programs the systems’ control.

2. The systems’ components are assembled in the manufacturer workshop.

3.Before the systems are installed at the customer’s place, they are tested at the Ancra’s facility.

Application Example

The loading and unloading systems are typically used in shuttle transportation between production and distribution centres.

As in the case of the shuttle transportation between the Heineken Brewery and the HB Logistics warehouse, eight automatic trailer loading systems, each consisting of 2 chain conveyor systems are assembled on a shuttle car connected to three buffer conveyors.

This set up allows shuttle cars to take over the load from each of the buffer conveyors. Laser-guided vehicles index the complete load onto the buffer conveyors.

Afterwards the loads are transported onto the shuttle cars and are ready to be loaded into the trailers. At the arrival of a trailer, the IT-system provides the driver with a door number and PIN code.

After trailer’s docking the driver connects power supply and communication cable to the dock system and selects the PIN . This code verifies that the correct trailer is docked to the right dock.

When the trailer is loaded with pallets with empty glass bottles, the load will be unloaded onto the empty conveyor of the shuttle car.Then the shuttle car moves sideways so the goods can be transported onto an empty shuttle conveyor system.

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The pallets are loaded with a speed of six meters per minute Meanwhile, the incoming cargo is already discharged. The door of the trailer and of the dock close again automatically, the cable is disconnected and the semi trailer is ready to leave.

Inside the next load is prepared.


The complete loading and unloading of a trailer finished in just 8 minutes. Its another fine product that Ancra Systems can be really proud of.

by courtesy of ANCRA

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